Personalised Medicine in Practice: Genes, Behaviour, and Metabolic Health
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Personalised Medicine in Practice: Genes, Behaviour, and Metabolic Health

The Centre for Personalised Medicine and Oxford Metabolic Health present an afternoon symposium of high-profile speakers sharing new insights into how our genes, microbiome and behaviour shape metabolic health and advance the prediction, prevention, diagnosis and management of metabolic diseases.

The keynote session Twins, Microbes and Personalised Nutrition will be given by Professor Tim Spector, King's College, London.


The full program for this event is available here.



1:00-1:10pm Jason Torres, CPM and Jane Itzhaki, OMH

Welcome and introduction to session one - Genetic insights into metabolic disease


1:10-1:35pm Cecilia Lindgren, Big Data Institute

Unravelling the genetics of common complex obesity


1:35-2:00pm Richard Oram, University of Exeter

Can we predict the future? The use of a type 1 diabetes genetic risk score to classify and predict disease


2:00-2:25pm Paul Franks, Lund University           

Precision prevention in complex cardiometabolic diseases


2:25-2:50pm Rachel Freathy, University of Exeter            

Insights into fetal growth and its links with metabolic disease from maternal and fetal genetic studies of birth weight


2:50-3:10pm Break                      


3:10-3:15pm Anika Knuppel, CPM

Introduction to session two - The impact of behavioural intervention on metabolic health


3:15-3:40pm Alison Fildes, University of Leeds   

Gene-environment interplay in the development of early life obesogenic behaviours


3:40-4:05pm Aiden Doherty, University of Oxford            

Insights on cardiometabolic health via reproducible machine learning of physical activity and sleep behaviours from wearables


4:05-4:30pm Theresa Marteau, University of Cambridge

Behavioural Impact of Personalised Risk Information: Expectations Dashed?


4:30-4:45pm Break/switch channels                     


4:45-6:00pm Professor Tim Spector, King's College London          

Twins, Microbes and Personalised Nutrition


Please note, there are separate registration links for sessions 1 & 2, and the keynote session